First time scopin’

by Nathan Rutz

Photo on 11-12-15 at 8.22 PM

Some kind of spore or cyst from the oldest “compost” pile at 400x total magnification and 1-5 dilution

Photo on 11-12-15 at 11.03 PM

Fungal hyphae showing septa at 400x total mag, 1-50 dilution of clay soil from the strawberry patch

Photo on 11-12-15 at 10.23 PM

Looks to be a fungal feeding nematode from the around the roots of the apricot tree at 100x total magnification, 1-5 dilution

Photo on 11-12-15 at 10.26 PM

400x total magnification of the fungal feeder

Photo on 11-12-15 at 8.32 PM

segmented funal hyphae from the “compost” at 400x, 1-5 dilution


First time making a sample and looking at it with the microscope and taking a picture! Totally neato.