High summer: party time

by Nathan Rutz

Everything’s growing!


That includes compost piles…

compost piles


The front strip faces west and gets blasted with sunlight in the afternoon. The soil there is extremely sandy. None of the cosmos I transplanted survived, but for some reason this direct seeded on totally kicked butt:





A few nasturtiums and poppies have survived too:


But the front is now mostly covered by this short succulent “weed” whose name I don’t know. I like it.

little succulents

In the back stuff is doing quite nicely, like this fatso:

fat kohlrabi


Nightshade overload should be happening any minute:

green maters ground cherry harvst ground cherry


tomatotillo thicket


Leafy stuff is big and happy too


kale lettuce and chard  nasturtiums popcorn  squish strawberry weedy hill   Turkish rockett younger kales


Overall I’m pretty happy with how things are growing this year. I think some of the tomatoes could be in sunnier spots, and some of the leafier things could be in less sunny spots. Some things are too close together. Most everything is doing fine without me watering it at all. Next year they should be even better with the addition of lots of finished compost and worm poop.

I did have one permaculturey design idea that happened by accident – plant ground cherries on steep slopes so they’ll self harvest when the fruit falls off. They’ll just roll down the hill!

ground cherry hill