Early summer

by Nathan Rutz

Early summer and life is busy!

Things are growing pretty well and challenges are popping up and being dealt with as I have time and energy, and lots of ideas growing about how next year’s planning and planting could be much improved!

little green worms

I’ve been checking my kale and kohlrabi leaves every morning and evening for these little turd burglars. I chop ’em in half every time I see them and squish them into the ground. It’s not very nice I suppose but I don’t feel bad for killing bugs eating the stuff I planted for me to eat.


The tomato-squash-snap pea thicket is rocking and rolling, the snap peas are rather tall and really producing nice fat peas. There are green tomatoes growing and the squash leaves are getting huge!

snap pea tomao thicket

This is probably my favorite part of the garden at this point because it’s a combination of luck and intentional planting that this thick tangle of glory is happening. The tomatoes I planted there were out “too” early, before the frost date back in April. They were looking so strong and hearty under the grow light I chucked em out in the world. The snap peas were direct seeded and have done really nicely. I could probably have sewn them earlier than I did, which I think was mid May. The squash seeds must have been in some compost, but now they’re looking mighty fine.

Most parts of the garden don’t have this variety. I didn’t do a good job of planting many different varieties together in the same area, and some parts of the hugul beds are really spare.

I turned my older compost pile recently and I think some kind of spores or dust must annoy my lungs. I started getting winded and coughing, so I stopped.

I really ought to split off and turn the other pile too because it’s getting too big to manage.

The lettuces are getting nice and big and should be seeded much earlier next year:
happy lettuce


There are lots of weeds in the strawberry hugul and I’m not sure what to do about that, I should have pictures of it next time.

And I continue to have lots of delightful slime mold

Slime mold