Signs of life

by Nathan Rutz

Lots more plantings have happened since the last post, when a few strawberries were planted when it was too dark to really see what we were doing. All 100 strawberry plants are now in the tallest and furthest back hugul bed.I planted them on the hugul bed because I figure they’ll help stabilize the soil on the bed quickly and being raised up will keep the strawberries from being in leaded soil.

The strawberries are starting to leaf out and it’s really exciting every time it rains because they get happy and grow more.

little strawb1


All of the plants from FedCo are finally in the ground – hardy kiwi, blueberry, honey berry, juneberry, hazelnut, sour cherry, apricot, and asparagus.

hardy kiwi

I transplanted a few little kalies into the shortest hugul to see how they do outside:

outdoor little kales

Chard and lettuce and more kale have been direct seeded next to the existing kale. There’ s lots more that needs to be direct seeded yet.

I’d like to start more things indoors and the tomatoes are getting big! ground cherries tomatillos and tomatos

They’re lookin mighty fine and robust. The national weather service says that the last frost date is safely May 10 here, but looking at the weather forecast I don’t see any lows below 45F. I think I’m going to take a chance and plant half of them outside today.

The shipment from New Forest Farm is delayed until late May now, so I have plenty of time to figure out where the heck I’m going to plant that stuff…